Adding a Drop Shadow to Text in Photoshop

This tutorial is about giving the layer styles i.e. drop-shadow to the text layer. You can play a lot with your text using Photoshop mainly in creating the web-designs, posters, e-advertisements etc. Let’s start!


1. Open Photoshop. Create a new file. Go to file tab and click on new. A dialog box will open. Name the document. From the presets drop down, choose ‘default Photoshop-size’ as this tutorial is only illustration of giving effects on text, so I chose default size. But if you need writing for some specific purpose, set the size of your document accordingly.


2.    Click OK. A background layer will be created. Select the ‘text’ tool from the side toolbar of Photoshop and write anything on the canvas.

3.    Select the ‘move’ tool from the toolbar in order to move the text around the canvas.

4.    There is a button ‘fx’ at the base of the layers-palette. Click on the button. Select the ‘drop shadow’ from the pop-out menu.

5. A window will open. Set the values of distance, spread and size of the shadow. Also, set the angle as per you want your text shadow to be. Change the quality of the shadow, if you want noise in it. Because I want soft, smooth and feathery shadow in the direction of top left of the text. So, I set my settings as below.

6.    Click ok. Viola!


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