Attractive Abstract Background in Photoshop

Today I’ll teach you how make abstract wallpaper on Photoshop. If you perform all tasks step by step it would be quick easy to make. Even I know you can make it easily by the help of example pictures and easy written tutorial. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Well If you face any problem, Do read the tutorial again and carefully !!!!!!!!!

1. Open Photoshop (In XP: Start>>Programs >> Adobe Photoshop CSx)

2. Open new worksheet with pixel 1024×786 pixels


3. First of all REMEBER to leave the background layer empty (Important)

4. Insert new layer by ( Layer>> New>> layer) Or you can follow up the shortcut (shift+ctrl+N) Or just see below the “background layer” at bottom second last option.

5. Now you are ready to work on the picture.

6. Now When new layer is inserted just Select “Black” color from pallet and use the “Paint Bucket Tool” from Tools to color it. (Must click on the canvas).


7. Now Insert an another layer and use the “Brush Tool” from Tools and re-select the color (Dark pinK). and when you done just make the designs (like in Example Picture).


8. Now Go to Filter>>Blur>>Radial Blur and do the setting as in example picture.



9. [MOST IMPORTANT PART] Now press (Ctrl + F ) 10 to 12 TIMES [yes ten to twelve times].

10. Ok good now insert a new layer and use the “Brush Tool” from Tools and select the color “White” and follow the example image to Color. (Make Sure if you following me do as same as mine onE).


11. After the (Step 11), Press ((Ctrl + F ) 10 to 12 TIMES [yes ten to twelve times].  AGAIN

12. Now you can see your image same as (Example Image).


13. Now again repeat the (Step 10 and 11). And fill up the gaps. [Must paint the remaining Black to White with Brush Tool]


14. Now once again repeat the (Step 11) = Means Press (Ctrl + F ) 10 to 12 TIMES [yes ten to twelve times].  AGAIN


15. Now merge all layers except the background by holding (Ctrl, and click all working layers, When selected just right click and select merge layers.


16. Finally save it to disk (File>>Save As) and name it, Or save it on the JPEG or BMP format. (For final looks)


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