Blend a Flag on Face in Photoshop

To start with this tutorial, you will learn how to blend a flag in to your face by using different techniques and effects etc. This is a simple process that any beginner can follow. This type of blending works best when the background is very dark, or black.

We would be using two different photos to produce the desired output; image of person and flag. 

The first object is the photo of a person face on which the flag will be blended.


The second object is image of flag which would be placed & blended on first object.


Following are the steps which needs to be followed in Photoshop for blending the flag on person’s face.

Step 1

For inserting the images , Go to File > Open > Select the image (both images) > OK.


Step 2

Turn the blending mode into overlay as under.


Step 3

Place the flag on her face with the correct position as you want.


Step 4

Now select the eraser tool to erase the unwanted part out of her face.


Step 5

Now, eraser the part of the flag from the eye with the help of eraser tool.


The final result will look like this:


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