Change Image Background to White in Photoshop

The tutorial below describes the steps involve in changing the background of images to white. Many times when I try to make a poster or incorporate several pictures to build one, the main thing that I require is the image with either no background or white/ black one. So, in this tutorial I am going to discuss how to do that.


1. Open the image in Photoshop. File>>Open

2. The first step is to use the ‘lasso’ tool to select the background only. Select the tool from the toolbox and make the selection like below:

3. Now create an adjustment layer by clicking on an adjustment-layer icon at the bottom of the layers-palette and select the option ‘levels’ from the fly-out menu.

4. This will move the selection to another layer and the layer-palette will look like this:

5. On double clicking on the adjustment icon before the layer mask of layer-1, a dialog box will open. There are three eyedroppers at the side of this dialog box. The last one is white-eyedropper. Click on it and then click on the selection on the image. It will turn its color to white. Set the mid-tone of the image, if required, by moving the mid-tone indicator towards left.

6. The image will look like this:

7. Now, the only thing to tone is the corners of the image. The crucial part is to whiten the background of the hair. For this, we will use the brush. Select the brush tool from the toolbar. Set its hardness to 0 and opacity to 60-80%. After this step, the image with white background is ready.






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