Changing the Image Resolution, Size and Pixels Dimension in Adobe Photoshop


Resolution of any image is the number of pixels-per-inch. It is really crucial in case of hd printing.


1. Open the image in Photoshop.
2. Go to image tab and select image-size.
3. In order to retain the pixel dimensions, uncheck the option resample-image. In this way, the total number of pixels of image won’t get affected.
4. Change the value of resolution. The width and height of the image will set automatically.
5. Click ok.

Changing the Image Size


1. Open an image in Photoshop.

2. Go to image tab. Select image-size.
3. A window will open:
4. Take any of the following actions to change the size of the image according to your requirements.
a. Enter the new values for width & height. In order to maintain the ratio between them, check the constrain-properties checkbox.
b. If you want to independently change the width or height of the image without affecting the other, uncheck constrain-properties.
c. Enter the value of desired resolution.
d. In order to change the image-size/ resolution while maintaining the pixels proportion, check the resample-image option.
e. If you don’t want to change the total-no-of-pixels, de-select resample.

5. Click ok.
6. By changing the resolution without the option of re-sampling, the width and height of the image change by itself. Hence, the final image is slightly bigger than the original one.

Changing the Pixel Dimensions:
Pixel dimensions of any image affect its quality and the printing-characteristics as it is the total number of pixels of any image. The pixel dimensions are usually set by the designers in order to get the image ready for printing. These dimensions are separate for each mode of printing.


1. Open the image in Photoshop.
2. Go to image tab and click on image size.

3. The pixel dimensions can be edited only if you uncheck the re-sample option. Re-sampling (as described earlier in this document) is only used when you want to change the dimensions of the original image and not just of the document.
4. In order to maintain the ratio of width, height and resolution, check constrain-proportions. This way when you will change the height of the image, the width & resolution will change automatically. In other case, if you want to handle each attribute separately, uncheck the respective option.
5. In pixels dimensions section, enter the value for width & height. If you want the image to be 30% smaller than the original image, select the percentage rather than pixels and write 70% as its values.
6. There is another option of ‘scale styles’. This option is used to scale-the-effects in the new image. Click ok.

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Author: Haseeb Khan

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