Creating Smoky Eyes Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial describes the process of creating the smoky eyes using Photoshop.  We will be using different tools and techniques to produce the desired results.


1. Open the image in Photoshop. Click on File and then select Open ( CTRL + O ) from the File menu


2. Create a new-layer by clicking on the icon at the bottom of layers-palette. Rename the layer to ‘01’.


3. Change the blending mode of this layer to ‘Multiply’ and the set the opacity to 75%.


4. Now select the brush tool from the tool bar. Change the foreground color to purple by clicking on the below icon in the toolbar


5. In the dialog box, set the value of the color.


6. Set the width of the brush to 24px, and its opacity to 100% from the option-bar of the tool. Also, select the hard-round brush for this drawing.


7. Now, paint the shape, as illustrated in the image below, on the eye.


8. Now, go to the filter tab in the main menu. Select the blur option. From the fly out menu, select the ‘Gaussian-blur’.


9. Set the value of radius to 15px in the dialog box and press OK.


10. The eye will appear like the below image.


11. Now, clean the center white part of the eye using the eraser tool.


12. For smoky effect, create a new layer and rename it to ‘02’.  Change the blending mode to ‘Multiply’ and set the opacity to 75%.


13. Set the foreground color to black. Select the brush tool. Set its width to 9px and opacity to 100%. Now, draw a shape, with soft, rounded brush, just like the below image:


14. Select the ‘Gaussian blur’ from the ‘filter’ tab and set its value to 5.5px.

15. The eye will appear like this:

As the blur effect is shadowed within the eye, use ‘eraser’ tool from the toolbar to clear the whiteness of the eye.

16. For the perfect smoky eyes, I will create another black outline around the eye. For this, create new-layer and rename it to ‘03’. Again, change the blending mode of the layer to ‘Multiply’ and its opacity to 75%, just like the other two layers. Now set the foreground color to black. Select the paint tool from the toolbar and paint around the eye like this:


17. Blur the shade by selecting Gaussian-blur from the ‘filter’ tab and set its value to 3.4px.


18. Erase the white part of the eye to clear the black-blur-residue on the eye.


19. Select the smudge tool from the toolbar. Use it around the corners of the black shade, if needed.


20. While painting the shades of the eye, the dark eyelashes are gone. So, in order to create them, make another layer and rename it to ‘04’. Set its opacity to 50%. Paint the eyelashes with the brush on this new layer.

After drawing eye lashes, the will appear like:


21. One smoky eye is complete. Now, in order to do the same editing on the other eye. Group the above four layers and duplicate them. For this select the first four layers by clicking on the layer 04, press shift and select the layer 01. Choose the ‘Group-from-layers’ option from the right-click menu.


22. Duplicate the group by right-clicking on the ‘Group1’ in the layers palette and selecting the ‘duplicate this group’ layer. Now select the ‘Group1-copy’ and press ‘Ctrl+T’. Right click on the selection and choose the option ‘Flip-horizontal’. And ‘then, adjust the new selection according to the other eye.


23. The smoky eyes are ready.





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