How to Create a Panorama in Adobe Photoshop

Sometimes, the photographers have the urge to expedite their experiences. The panorama-creation is the result of one such time. Nowadays, many mobile-cameras have the option of creating the panoramas; however, for much of the cameras, Photoshop brings this feature that merges different photos of the same scenery to create a one big panorama.


1. Save all the pictures that need merging in a sequence at one place on computer. Go to File → Automate → Photomerge.  

2. A dialog box will open. Select the ‘auto’ as its layout. It usually depends on the type of the panorama you want to create. For most of the perfectly clicked pictures, ‘auto’ produces the cleanest results. Click on ‘add-open-files’ to add the files in a sequence from left-to-right.
3. Click ok and wait for the Photoshop to do rest of the magic. Crop the edges from top & bottom that are irregular.

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Author: Haseeb Khan

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