How to Create Animated Flames


1. Create a new document of 600*200 px.
2. Create a new layer. Use the rectangular-marquee tool and make a selection at the bottom of the canvas. Use the gradient-tool to fill the selection with orange-&-red color.
3. Press ‘Ctrl d’ to deselect. Apply the Gaussian-blur.
4. Duplicate the layer for 3-times. Make them invisible by clicking on the eye-icon before their thumbnails in the layers-palette.
5. Use the smudge tool with 45px size-brush and strength of upto 70% and make flames in the original layer. Drag the brush from the bottom to up.
6. Now, make this layer invisible and unhide the layer-1-copy. Repeat the above step again for this layer. Make sure to maintain the height of the flames.
7. Repeat the above step for the other two hidden layers. Go to windows →workstation → Motion. A palette will open at the bottom of Photoshop. Select the first frame. Make all the flame-layers disable except the top-one. The background-layer will remain visible in every frame.
8. In second-frame, make the visible one hide, and unhide another flame-layer. Keep-up with the other two layers.
9. Hit play and you will get the perfect flame-animation. Save the animation. Go to file → save-for-web. Make sure to select the .GIF format. Click ‘save’.
Viola! The animated-flames are ready.

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Author: Haseeb Khan

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