How to Create Blurred Abstract Wallpaper in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial I will show you the steps to make blurred Abstract Wallpaper using Adobe Photoshop. If you perform all tasks step by step it would be quick easy to make. Even I know you can make it easily by the help of example pictures and easy written tutorial.

1. Open Photoshop (In XP: Start>>Programs >> Adobe Photoshop CSx)

2. Open new worksheet with pixel 1024×768 pixels

3. First of all REMEBER to leave the background layer empty (Important)

4. Insert new layer by ( Layer>> New>> layer) Or you can follow up the shortcut (shift+ctrl+N) Or just see below the “background layer” at bottom second last option.

5. Now you are ready to work on the picture.

6. Now When new layer is inserted just Select “Black” color from pallet and use the “Paint Bucket Tool” from Tools to color it. (Must click on the canvas).


7. Now insert a new layer and select the “Ellipse Tool” from Tool and create a circle as in the example image. (well i have chosen the Dark Pink color you can any of your favorite). When the circle is created Go to Tool bar>>Filer>>Blur>>Gaussian Blur.


8. There will be a dialog box will appear for “Rasterizing” click OK. Now just follow up the Example Picture 3 (for settings). And click OK



9. Now a new layer ( Remember to insert new layer for every shapes creation ). and draw out another circle with “Red” color or any one of your like. and follow the example images to do the blurring again.



10. Now again insert a new layer and create a circle with “Blue” color or any of your like. do the blurring process again as in (Step 9)


11. If all shapes blurring done just Go to Tool bar>>Edit>>Free Transform. And move the shape as in example picture. ( You can use edges to rotate the images, you even can size or re-size the images as you want by click-dragging the corners). (To move every blurred shape remember to select it first from the layers column).



12. Now re-select your colors as in Example picture.


13. Now use the “Brush Tool” from Tools. And right click and make the size as mine and hardness to “100”. And create some dots as in Example Picture.


14. Now again re-size the brush as in “Example Picture” and add some more dots. (Follow Example Picture).



15. Now select the layer “Shape 3” as is Example Picture. And do the following settings.


16. Now follow up the Example Picture 13. And select the layer “shape 2” and do the settings as mine.


17. Now merge all layers except the background by holding (Ctrl, and click all working layers, When selected just right click and select merge layers.


18. Finally save it to disk (File>>Save As) and name it, Or save it on the JPEG or BMP format. (For final looks)


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