How to Create Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

The most done activities for the social media appearance are the face book profile-pictures, and cover-photos. Below is the tutorial for creating the cover photo using Photoshop.


1. Create a new document. Set its width to 851px, height to 315px, and resolution to 72px/inch. Name it to cover-photo. These are the minimum-dimensions for cover-photo. Click ok.
2. Open the picture you want to have for a cover photo (File—>Open).
3. Right click on the thumbnail of the layer in the layers palette.In the dialog box, set the destination file to the cover-photo. It will set this new layers dimensions as of the cover-photo.
4. Press ‘Ctrl T’ to resize the picture. Use move tool to move the picture on the canvas. Press Enter.
5. Viola. Save it in JPG format.

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Author: Haseeb Khan

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