How to Fade One Image onto Other

This tutorial is about fading the image onto the other. There are several ways of doing it. The easiest one is the use of layer mask and the gradient tool. Let’s start.


1. Open both images in Photoshop in a single file.
2. The two images I use are of flowers:
3. Now, select the layer 1 thumbnail and apply the layer mask by clicking on the layer-mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette. The color of the layer mask will be white.
4. Set the foreground color to black and background color to white. Grab the gradient tool from the toolbar. From its options, select the ‘diamond’ style.
5.  Now apply the gradient on the layer-mask.
6. The second image appears to be in the middle of the base image with the rest of the image fades away. The image is ready!

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Author: Haseeb Khan

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