How to Fix Blurry Image in Photoshop

This tutorial describes the steps to fix blurry images using the Photoshop CC. If you have an image and its little bit out of focus then that’s what causes a blurry photograph through the most part and you want to remedy that to the best of your ability , the best thing for you is to follow this steps.

We are going to fix the following blurry Image to make you understand better.



The first thing you need to do is, Go ahead and open up that blurry or out of focus image with in Photoshop as shown below. File>Open and after selecting the image click on Open in order to open the image.





Once you done that, Go ahead and select the layer and right click on it in order to make a duplicate layer as shown below.



Once you done that, Name that layer whatever you wanted to name it and then click ok.



Once you done that select that copy or background layer copy and go on where you see filter and go down to other and then go over to High pass below custom as shown below.



Once you done that you will see the below dialog box come available , Its going to turn your photo into nice looking gray color photo and you are going to be able to see simple lines come through there up the image.

You are all right now with the radius, You are not going to see anything if you go down, If you go up you are going to see more of the image.

Go ahead and take that until you see any of the lines, I am going to move that just a little bit,its going to be different with the different images , All depending on how large the image file is.

And once you have done that you will get nice pixel range depending on the image.

Go ahead and click OK as shown below.



Once you done that go over to the layers panel and go on up where you see the masking options.its right next to opacity.

And once we do that we are going to have a few different options.You are going to see what we will use here are Overlay , Soft light and Hard light. Now it depends on how traumatic the picture is, For us like how blurry it is.

Now the first option I would choose is Hard light. as shown below.



Now its time to save our Image and for that go to file>save and choose the type JPEG as shown below.




Once we do that, dialog box is going to appear and from the dropdown list choose the Maximum quality and click ok in order to get better result as shown below


And here it is, No more Blurriness.


In order to make your idea clear I am going to show you what we have done.




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