How to Make Clouds in Photoshop

This tutorial describes the steps for making the clouds effect in Photoshop. I am using the inbuilt option of cloud filter so as to give the image a cloudy look. Although, it can also be done by making a single cloud and saving it as a brush in Photoshop, however, the easiest and the reliable way is as follows:


1. Create a new document in Photoshop . If you are making clouds for some specific project, then set the canvas size accordingly. I am creating the document with the default presets. For this, go to file tab in the main menu. Select New. A dialog box will open. Define name of the document. Set the preset to ‘Default Photoshop Size’.



2. Click OK. It will create a white document. Now change the foreground color of the image to the sky shade. In order to do this, go to the foreground color near the bottom of the left toolbar of Photoshop and click on it. A ‘color picker’ dialog box will open. Choose the best blue shade that resembles sky. Click OK.



3. The next step is to apply the ‘render’ filter on the document. For this step, go to filter tab in the top menu of Photoshop. Move your cursor to Render. From the drop down menu, select clouds.



4. Click on clouds. The document will turn into blue and white clouds.



5. Now, I will set the adjustment level in order to enhance the cloud quality. Go to the image tab in the main menu. Click on adjustments. From the drop down menu, select levels.



6. A window will appear. Set the level by moving the pointer at the bottom of the level graph. Adjust the level as per your satisfaction.


7. Click ok to get the final image of clouds.



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