How to Remove Eye Bags Using Photoshop

You must have noticed that most of your pictures are awesome, but it doesn’t not look perfect because of deep eye bags. Since, technology has advanced to great extent so there is not need to worry, the reason being that you can remove the eye bags using Photoshop. We would be using the eraser tool to eliminate the eye bags and it is expected that you would be able to repeat the below mentioned steps to same results on your images as well.

Following are the steps :

Step 1

Insert an image, Go to File > Open > select the image > OK


Step 2

Select the clone stamp tool (s) from the tool bar.


Step 3

After selecting the tool, eraser the bags under the eye by pressing the ALT button for copying the surface then release the ALT button and click on the begs under the eyes, ( like stamping, just like as under)


You can see the difference before and after editing

Step 4

Complete the same process under both eyes.






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