How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Spot Healing Tools

Most times, when we capture a picture, there are few spots that require healing or removing. However, if you directly remove them there will be a no-pixel area in your image. Photoshop comes with the inbuilt spot-healing tools with the healing capabilities. These tools help replacing the unwanted objects with the surrounding pixels. Let’s start!


1. Open the image in Photoshop.
2. There are two butterflies in the image. One on grass and one in sky. I will use healing tool to vanish them. There are two inbuilt tools healing-brush-tool and spot-healing tool. The difference between the two is the source selection. With the healing-brush tool, you first have to select the source pixels (press ‘Alt’ and click on source pixels), while the spot-healing tools simply replace the spot with the surrounding pixels. For this image, I will use spot-healing tool. Select the tool from the toolbar.
3. Set the size of the tool w.r.t the obstacle you want to remove. I will enlarge the tool-size (press ‘]’) upto the size of butterfly. Once, set the size of the tool, click on the butterfly in air. It will vanish and will be replaced with the blue sky.
4. Now, set the size of the tool according to the other butterfly and click on it.
5. Viola! The image without butterflies is ready.

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Author: Haseeb Khan

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