How to Turn Yellow Teeth White in Digital Picture Using Photoshop

Hi FAN and fellows :D,

Today i will teach you how to turn any of your or your friends teeth image from yellow (or any color) to “White” in Photoshop.

Just follow the step carefully and I know you can make it easily. Almost every step contains picture and they can guide you to perform well…

1. Open Photoshop (In XP: Start>>Programs >> Adobe Photoshop CSx) (Win 7: Start>>All Programs and Adobe Photoshop CSx)

2. Now open the your considered picture by Tool Bar>>File>>Open (now select the picture you want to edit and open it).


3. “REMEBER to leave the background layer empty (Important)”

4. Now cut the picture by Selecting ALL (Ctrl+A) and Cut (Ctrl+X)

5. After it insert new layer by ( Layer>> New>> layer) Or you can follow up the shortcut (shift+ctrl+N) Or just see below the “background layer” at bottom (Second last option).

6. When new layer is inserted just Paste the cut image by (Ctrl+v)

7. Now you are ready to work on the picture.

8. Now select the “Magnetic Lasso Tool” from tools and just select the teeth as in example picture.


9. When your selection is done it would be seems like its ants marching around the teeth. (HINT: See Example Picture)


10. When your selection is done just simply Go to Tool bar>>Image>>Adjustment>>Color Balance. Or Press (Ctrl +B). and do the setting as I have done in example image.


11. When done Go to Tool bar>>Image>>Adjustments>>Levels. Or (Ctrl+ C). And follow the Example image for settings.


12. When done it should seems like this. (Example Image)


13. Ok good, Now the below part of the teeth is still remaining. Make sure to do the process again with the below part. Use the Magnetic Lasso tool from Tools and select the below part. (And follow the example images for settings and completing).

Go to Tool bar>>Image>>Adjustment>>Color Balance. Or Press (Ctrl +B).


Go to Tool bar>>Image>>Adjustments>>Levels. Or (Ctrl+ C).


14. Ok when you done with the leveling and etc, Unselect all and just select the “Brush tool” from Tools. make sure that you have selected the White color in pallet and the black color for background. (HINT: Foreground – White, background – Black, From coloring pallets).

And now right click on the image and do these settings as in Example picture.


Now color up the sides of the teeth, Which shows greenish effects.


When you done just ZOOM out (Ctrl and – )


15. Now time to finalize your picture, Select the “Blur Tool” from Tools and right click on image and make sure your setting should match as mine in example picture.


16. Good, now Remember to blur out only the edges (Sides ONLY, including lips). Don’t mess up with the teeth just blur sides.


17. Finally save it to disk (File>>Save As) and name it, Or save it on the JPEG or BMP format. (For final looks)

teeth Final

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