Placing Fire on Someone’s Hands in Adobe Photoshop

Placing fire on someone’s hands are quite easy. It involves merging of two different images in one document and giving them effects. Let’s start!


1. Open both images, i.e. hands and fire, in Photoshop. They will open in different tabs inside Photoshop. Go to the fire-image. Press ‘Ctrl A’ and then, ‘Ctrl C’. Go to the hands image and press ‘Ctrl V’. The fire will be placed in a separate layer in a same document.
2. Duplicate the layer-1 3 times in order to create a condensed fire. Press ‘Ctrl J’ to duplicate the layer.
3. Grab the move tool and move the fire on each layer a bit left or right.
4. Change the blending mode of each new layer to multiply.
5. Merge all the four layers of fire. Select the thumbnail of the top layer. Press shift and click on layer-1 thumbnail. Right-click on thumbnails and select merge-layers. Now, we will have one condensed layer of fire.
6. Rename this layer to fire. Create a layer-mask by clicking on the layer-mask icon at the bottom of layers-palette.
7. Set the foreground color to black. Select the brush tool from the toolbar. Paint the corners of the fire on the layer-mask by using the brush.

Viola! The hands are on fire.


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Author: Haseeb Khan

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