Realistic Mist in Photoshop

This tutorial is about forming the realistic but fake mist in sceneries using Photoshop. There are various ways of creating the mist. One of them is using the brush tool. It is quite easy process. Let’s begin


1. Open the image in Photoshop.


2. First step is to set the hue & saturation of the scenery so that when covered in mist, all the colors go side by side. In the adjustment panel, click on ‘Hue and Saturation’.


3. Set the sliders of ‘Hue’, ‘Saturation’ and ‘lightness’ so as to give the image a black & white effect. Check the ‘colorize’ option.

4. The image will look like this:

5. Now, increase the brightness and contrast a little bit.

6. From the properties panel, move the slider to set the contrast & brightness of the scenery.


7. The scenery will look like the below snapshot. For this scenery, the color tone is perfect for mist. However, if you are trying to create mist in some other scenery which requires more adjustments, than go to the adjustment palette again, and click on the required effect. Set the sliders from the properties menu and make your picture get ready for mist effect.

8. Now, duplicate the background layer. Select the background layer thumbnail from the layers palette and press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘J’. A new duplicate layer will be formed.

9. Give ‘filter’ to this new layer. Go to the ‘filter’ tab in the main menu. Roll over your mouse on ‘render’ and select ‘clouds’ from the fly-out menu.

10. Lower the opacity of this layer to 61% from the top right button in the layers palette.

11. Transform this layer according to the water surface in the image. For this, go to ‘edit’ tab in the main menu, roll over your mouse on ‘transform’, and click on ‘distort’.

12. When click on the ‘distort’ transformation, you will be able to distort the filter in any possible way. For my scenery, I will distort the mist so that it will cover only the water and mountains. Move the lower end corners of the image far apart so the mist appears to be right above the surface. Press ‘Enter’.

13. In order to increase the brightness of the mist, click on ‘brightness & contrast’ in the adjustment palette. It will create another adjustment layer right above the ‘background copy’ layer. Select this new layer, press ‘Alt’ from keyboard, and click on ‘background copy’ layer. This will restrict its effect only to the ‘background-copy’ layer. An arrow will appear before the new adjustment layer which will point towards the ‘background-copy’ layer.

14. Increase the brightness and decrease the contrast so as to make the mist thick.

15. The image will now be like:

16. Select the thumbnail of ‘background-copy’ layer in the layers palette and add a layer mask on it by clicking on the layer mask button at the bottom of layers-palette.

17. The layer mask is created to erase the extra pixels over the surface of water to make the mist a part of the scenery. For this, select the ‘brush’ tool from the toolbar. Set the foreground color of the brush to black. Start painting on the extra pixels. Once done, the scenery will all be covered in mist.

18. Now, lower the opacity of the brush to ‘39’.


19. Start painting on the rocks which appear to be above the mist.

20.    The realistic mist is ready!


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