Save Multiple Images for Web in Photoshop

This tutorial is about using the batch option to apply similar settings to the bunch of images. Photoshop has inbuilt function of ‘batch processing’. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use this function to save bunch of pictures for web.


1. Select the images on which you want to apply the similar settings. Save these images in a folder so that it would be easy to select them all simultaneously in Photoshop. I am using 6 images but you can do it on as many images as you want.


2. Open one image in Photoshop. I am going to record all the actions I will perform on this image and then, I will use this recording to automatically play on every image without my continuous interference. The main step is to make an action recording. For this, there is an action palette right above the layers palette. In case, if it’s not already open, go to ‘windows’ tab and click on ‘actions’.


3. On the actions palette, create a new action by clicking on the new-action icon at the bottom of the palette.


4. A dialog box will pop up. Enter the name ‘save-4-web’. Mention any function key. I will assign F12 to this action.


5. Click on ‘Record’. It will start saving the actions that I will perform now on this image. In the palette, notice the red button will be turned on.


6. Now, save this image for-web. Click on file tab in the main menu and select the Save-for-Web.


7. A window will open. Set the type of the image, its quality, width, and height. Set the color mode of the image to sRGB.


8. Click on ‘save’ button so as to save the image as ‘jpeg’ of high quality. Close the image. Now, check the action palette, all the actions that I have done on the image are recorded in it.


9. Now, all the actions are performed. In order to make this action-set work, press stop button which is present right beside the start recording button.


10. In order to apply the same actions to every image in the folder, go to file tab in the main menu. Roll over the mouse on ‘automate’ option. Select ‘batch’ from the fly-out menu.


11. A window will open. In the action tab, select the action ‘save-4-web’. Select the folder in the source tab. Click ‘OK’.


12. Photoshop will perform these actions on every image in the folder. Enjoy!


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