Switching Between Open Images in Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial is about switching between different open images in Photoshop. This technique is quite effective to know as while making the brochures or banners, the designers have to incorporate different images in a single document. So, it’s better to learn how to switch between them. Let’s start!


1. Open all the images in Photoshop (in case you don’t already have the images you are working on). File—>Open. Press ‘Ctrl’ and click on all the images one-by-one that you want to open in Photoshop.
2. Click open.
3. All the documents will open in Photoshop in different tabs.
4. Now, while you are working, you need to copy a single image from the last tab and incorporate it in the second one. Simply press ‘Ctrl Tab’ from keyboard. It will help in switching the documents one-by-one. Go to the last tab, make the selection, copy it, again press ‘Ctrl Tab’ to switch to the second document and paste the selection. Viola!

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Author: Haseeb Khan

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