HTML Frameset Tag

Html frameset tag divide the webpage into multiple frames. The frameset tag has capability to divide the webpage in rows and columns which are the attributes of frameset tag. As discussed earlier, every attribute has some value in case of rows and columns attribute the value can be set in pixels and percentage which tell the browser how much portion is assigned to each frame in the frame set.

The frameset at minimum contain two frames and each frame show different webpage. it is important to note that may be future version of HTML will support frame or not because using frame in Web pages is not considered as a good practice.



The <THEAD>, <TBODY> and <TFOOT> tags are always used in conjunction. These tags define proper structure of table same like in Microsoft word we can divide the document in header, body and footer same can be done in HTML using THEAD>, <TBODY> and <TFOOT> tags. The major objective to divide the table into three section is to handle the scrolling of large tables in browsers. After applying these tags on table the header and footer part will be non-scrollable which makes it easy for the user to read and understand the table.


HTML Caption Attribute

Every book you read has name through which you get an idea what the book same like books in website or blogs captions are employed to define and explain the table contents. The <CAPTION> tag is place right after the <TABLE> tag, the <CAPTION> tag should be always closed with the pair tag </CAPTION>. The table caption can be placed on top or bottom of the table with the help of align attribute.


HTML Table Height Attribute

The table height attribute is used to set the height of the table. The height attribute take value in percentage or pixels, it is recommended to use the value in percentage because pixels setting varies system to system.

The HTML code of line to change the height of table in percentage value look like this: <table height=”50%”>

The HTML code of line to change the height of table in pixels value look like this: <table height=”50”>  or <table height=”50px”>

Let’s see the usage of height attribute in the this HTML code example.



The <th> tag in html is similar as <td> tag, the only difference is <td> tag is used to create a table cell on the other hand <th> is used to define table header. The data between <th></th> tags is bold and centered by default.

Below is the html code example to show the usage of <th> tag in table.


HTML <TD> Height Attribute

When you create table in HTML you have observed that table cell takes place to adjust the date. The height attribute take the value in percentage or pixels to adjust the height of the cell. The height cell cannot be less than the height of the date within the cell on the other hand height could be increased by increasing the value, higher the number in percentage or pixels more will be the height of the table cell. it is important to note that change in height of a cell will also change the height of adjacent cell.

Let’s look at the HTML code in which the height attribute is used to change the formatting of table.


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