Block or Disable Search Engine in WordPress

Whenever any page or post is added or updated search engine crawlers or bots visit the  blog to crawl the contents for its indexing purpose so the same result could be added in the search results. But, if you have decided that your contents are only for visitors not for search engines in this case you can block or disable the search engine by using the privacy option WordPress.

Let’s go through each step to see how we can block search engines in WordPress.


1. Log into your WordPress Admin.

2. Click on Settings link from WordPress Menu.

3. Click on Privacy link under settings.


4. Now you can two option in privacy Settings Page as shown in the below screenshot.By default, first option is selected which means your blog contents are visible to everyone including search engines such as Google, Yahoo, bing and others.

Select second option in privacy setting “ I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors” to disable search engines and allow only normal visitors.


5. Click on”Save Changes” to save the settings.

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