How to Change the default Size of the Post Box in WordPress

In this tutorials, We will be going through the steps to change the default size of Post Box in WordPress. Before going into details first let me explain the “Post Box” term. The post box is used in WordPress for writing the contents for your blog or you can say text editor for WordPress.

To open the post box : Go to WP admin >> login into admin area by typing username and password >> Click on “Add New” under Posts link in WordPress Dashboard side menu.

Refer to the below snapshot for reference:


As you can the post box default size is 10 line which make it difficult for most blog owners to write and edit post. But no need to worry WordPress offer number of options for the users to customize the features according to their need.

Just Follow the below mentioned step to change the size of Post Box.

1. Click on Setting from the WordPress Dashboard Menu.

2. Click on Writing link under settings.

3. Writing setting page will appears as shown below.

image 4

4. Change the value in the textbox with the caption “Size of the post box” from 10 to any other value as per your requirement.


5. Once you changed the value click on “Save Changes” to apply the settings.

6. Now follow the Step- 1 to open the post box to verify the changes.


As you can see the pot box size changed successfully from 10 lines to 20 lines.

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