How to Show Post Summary or Excerpt in WordPress

By default WordPress home, archives and search pages show the full post. There is no changes required in WordPress to publish full post but small changes are needed to show only the summary of post.

There are two methods in WordPress which serve the purpose of showing summary of the Post.

Method 1 – The More Tag

In your post place the cursor after the text/image that you want to show as summary of post and click  on Insert more tag icon from the WordPress editor toolbar or alternatively press Alt + Shift  + T from keyboard to Insert more tag.


Now you can see the dotted line as show below


Click publish for the new post and update if you are editing the current post.

Method 2 – Post Excerpt Function

The second method has more to do with the minor changes in the function of home and category pages of WordPress. Go to WordPress dashboard, click on Editor under Appearance option in WordPress dashboard side menu.Now you can see the templates files, click on index.php to open it up as show below.



Find the function  “<?php the_content(); ?>” using find option press CTRL + F from keyboard and type the function name in main index template.


<?php the_content( ); ?>


<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

You can make the same changes for Search and category pages of your blog.

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