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WordPress and Blogger both are well-established blogging platforms. There is often the question of new users of what platform among the two should they prefer for their blogs or why should they go for WordPress and create & publish a blog when the latter is doing it with no cost? Below article have the differential points of the two platforms that will certainly assist the users to make their decision.



The main difference between the two platforms is the ownership. In WordPress, the user owns the site or blog with no third-party interference, whereas; blogger provides a free blogging service that is owned by Tech giant Google. Although no cost is incurring on the blog, but due to its third-party ownership, the user has less control over the content and the blog. Google has the right to shut the blog, or block the user’s access anytime. On WordPress, the blogs are completely owned by its creators including all of its content.


The control is another differentiating factor of the two platforms. WordPress is an open-source platform with a lot of options of integration. There are number of plugins for WordPress, which assist in enhancing the functionality. The users can incorporate them in the WordPress-site so as to make the site as per their needs/ requirements. Blogger, on the other hand, has limited tools that allow the users to perform only specific tasks on the website. There is no way of extending its functionality.

In terms of serious business owners, WordPress is better and more reliable than Blogger.


In case of moving the site from one domain to another or from one platform to another, Blogger is not the best option. As in doing so, the user will lose SEO including subscribers & followers. However, WordPress can let the users change their host, domain name, or even CMS/ platform. Also, WordPress provides more SEO functions as compared to Blogger.


Blogger is much securer than WordPress as it is backed up by Google’s secure platform. One doesn’t have to worry about the resource management, security and backups plans. WordPress, on the other hand, is an open source so the users have to make it secure by using Plugins.


In comparison with Blogger, WordPress has a strong online community and user base, which is expanding on daily basis. There is an online documentation, manuals, tutorials, community forums, and chat rooms for WordPress from where the users can get the live support from the experienced developers/ programmers. Blogger, however, has a limited community support.


WordPress is continuously updating and improving. The new versions of WordPress come in the market every now and then. However, there is not major update of Blogger for a very long time. Blogger depend on Google, which means that Google has the authority to shut the blog service down or improve it, as it killed some of its popular services including the Google Reader.


Neither platform can be rejected or accepted on the basis of any one of its feature. The decision of the better platform lies in the user-requirements. If more control and ownership is required, WordPress is the better option, but in case the user wants ready-to-use and secure platform, Blogger is the right answer.

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