How to Create Categories and Subcategories in WordPress

In WordPress categories and subcategories are created within a minute, the purpose of using categories in wordpress blog is to classify and organize the posts in related categories and subcategories. The visitors also love to see the posts are organized in relevant categories and subcategories because it minimize the efforts of finding relevant post(s) on required topic.

In this tutorials, we will see the procedure of creating categories and subcategories in wordpress.

Step 1

Login wordpress admin by entering username and password, the user must have rights to create new categories.

Step 2

The wordpress dashboard appears, click the post option in left menu to expand it. Now you can see multiple option under post option.

image image

Step 3

Click on categories under the posts option as shown below


Step 4

Now you are in categories panel, enter the category name,category slug,category parent and description in the provided text box.

– Category name is mandatory.

– The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens. (not mandatory)

– If you want to make the entered category as child category then you need to select the parent category from the drop down menu. If there are no categories in category parent menu it means you are entering the first category in wordpress.(not mandatory for creating category only used to create sub categories)

– Description is the details of category.



Click on Add Category button or press enter to create marketing category.Now marketing is added as parent category in wordpress

Step 6

For creating marketing subcategory, you need to select the parent category from the category parent drop down list.


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