How to Create Email Account for Your Domain in cPanel

In this tutorials, I am going to teach you how to create Email Address/Email Id @ yourdomainname. The email addresses(s) could be created after setting up a Website/Blog on your Web Hosting. For this tutorial, we are assuming that website has been setup on Web Hosting. The Website Administrator wants to create Email Id for his employee.

Following are the steps to create Email Account for your Website using Cpanel.

1. Access your Cpanel by typing (Domain name should be primary)

2.Type Username and Password to log-in.

3.Look for the Mail section in Cpanel and click Email Accounts.


4.Now you can see the email accounts areas where you can create email accounts associated with your domain(s).


5. Enter Email address you want to create, in my case its “adamkasi”.

6. Enter password (Do remember it)

7. Re-enter password (must be same as password).


8. Select the storage space you want to allocate to this email account. It could be 250 MB or unlimited, I have allocated unlimited space to this email account.



9. Congratulations! Email account @ has been created successfully.


10. User can send and receive emails using this Email Account.

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