How to Create User with Administrator Role in WordPress

WordPress admin user with administrator role  can perform all operations using admin interface of WordPress. In this post I am assuming that you have installed WordPress on your hosting server and want to create wordpress user in administrator role.

Following are the steps to create admin user with administrator in WordPress. Please note that admin user with administrator can perform add/delete/update operation on any module such as plugins,users,widgets and posts.


Log-in through your WordPress admin, in order to do that you must have administrative username and password created during the time of WordPress installation.

Go to browser address bar and type [], the admin log-in box will appears as shown in the below snapshot.


Step 2

Enter Username and password that you have provided during the time of WordPress installation and click login button or press enter.


Step 3

After the successful login you will see the WordPress dashboard with lot of options but for the time being I will stick to my topic.


Step 4

Search for Users option in left menu for that you have to do some vertical scrolling. You can find Users option just after Plugins and before tools as shown below.


Step 5

Click on Add New under Users for creating new user.


Step 6

Provide the required information and select Administrator for role drop down menu.



Step 7

Don’t forget to check “send this password to new user by email” it will send your information on email. Lastly, press add user button or enter to create user new user in WordPress with administrative rights.

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