How to Fix: Windows Live Writer was not able to automatically detect your blog settings

I am writing this post at 3:11 am because today I have faced issues in configuring my blogs on Windows live writer which is the client end software used to publish the post remotely via XML-RPC. Since, I have installed fresh Windows XP on my laptop and then download and installed latest version of Windows live writer therefore, I was very much confident that no issues will be faced in configuring my blogs on Windows Liver writer.

Normally, Windows live writer automatically detect the blogs once the blog URL, username and password is provided but this time message was appeared on screen that “ Windows Live Writer was not able to automatically detect your blog settings” and prompted for blog provider and url for XML-RPC.


I have selected WordPress 2.2+ since my blog is using WordPress 3.1 and provided http://www.myblogurl/xmlrpc.php in remote posting web address for your blogs text box and press next.

Unfortunately, I was again prompt with the warning message that xmlrpc.php in inaccessible so I thought XML-RPC is disabled in my WordPress blogs which was not the case it was enabled as shown in the below image.


However, you can unable and disable XML-RPC by exploring setting menu >> Writing section.

Following step were taken after that:

1. Checked blog folder for XML-RPC file which is present in my case.

2. Checked folder permission which seems fine.

3. Switch the WordPress theme to default but problem still unresolved.

4. Tried to configure other blogs hosted on same server.

5. Tried to configure other blogs hosted on different server.

6. Disable Windows firewall.

7. Tried to disable anti-virus but not able to do so.

8. Restart my computer multiple times.

After all aforementioned steps, the problem was not resolved. Now,what to do ? Internet explorer browser was opened in effort of installing Windows update which could not open the Microsoft Website although the Internet was working fine on Mozilla Firefox. I have changed the connection setting of Internet explorer from proxy to auto-detect because proxy setting works for me only in office not at home.


I tried again to configure Windows live writer and finally it automatically detect my blog successfully without prompting me for “Select blog Type” Window. The root cause of whole problem was connection settings of IE since it was a default browser therefore Windows live Writer using the proxy to connect with XML-RPC.

The purpose of mentioning all steps is to tell you the possible ways to troubleshoot this problem and apply these solution to resolve blog configuration problem. I have spent my 3 hours to resolve this issue but I hope you will take time in minutes rather than hours.

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