Top 10+ Features of Facebook

Facebook become the top social network in a small period of just 5 year. The success factor of Facebook are the current features which keep the interest of users high and allow them to continuously keep in touch with Facebook through personal computers, laptops, PDAs and Mobile Phones.

In this post I have compiled the top ten features of Facebook which are frequently used by the people. If you are experienced Facebook user then it may be possible that you are familiar with these features. The new user of Facebook can refer to this post to explore the top features.

Facebook Wall

The area within profile where friends can post messages, pictures and share the updates.


Facebook Photos

This feature allow the feature to create albums, upload photos, view photos, share photos with friends and comment on the photos. Although this feature is common and available on other social network but Facebook allow the user to upload unlimited numbers of Photos.


Facebook Status

Facebook offer micro blogging feature with the name of status, user post the status which will be visible to the friends in return people can like and comment on the user status. The basic purpose of this feature is to inform the friend about your current status, feelings, updates and etc.


Facebook Events

Let your friends know about the upcoming events by using the Facebook event feature.In order to create event you need to prove information such as title, location, start time of event, end time of event and select privacy option. There are three type of privacy option open,close and secret. If you select open option than Anyone can see this Event and its content and Anyone can RSVP or invite others to this Event. Incase of close option Anyone can see this Event, but its content is only shown to guests. People will need to be invited or request invitations to RSVP. The last privacy option is secret which means Only people who are invited can see this Event and its content. People will need to be invited to RSVP.


Facebook Video

Share your personal and friends videos, record your video by using webcam and send to your friends, send video from your email or mobile to your personal videos by using Facebook video feature.


Facebook Groups

Bring all the people of similar activities or interest into single platform in the form of Groups. Facebook Groups Feature allow the user to browse,join and create groups of his of her interest. Not only this you can also send invitation to you friends to join the group.


Facebook Create Ads and Pages

Spread presence of your organization, product, services and etc to the world by creating Facebook pages and ads.


Facebook Links

Share links of blog, Web sites, posts and videos through Facebook Links feature.


Facebook Feeds

The Facebook Feeds show all the updates of profile, events, groups and others on a single interface.


Facebook Inbox Feature

Receive and send private messages from friends via Facebook Inbox. People who want to send personal or confidential information can use this feature.


Facebook Chat

Online interaction with friends with the mini messenger of Facebook. Facebook chat application are also available for Mobile devices.


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