HTML Form File Control

The input type=”file” automatically insert control with the browse button. When the user click on the browse button it will automatically open the dialog box with the computer storage location, select the drive, folder and finally double click on the file which you want to upload on the server or sent to an email address.

The HTML code line add the file control on the HTML form.

<input type=”FILE” value"=”Select file” name=”uploadfile” size=”25”>

The code for the HTML form with the file control

   1:  <html>
   2:  <head>
   3:  <title>
   4:  The HTML form file control
   5:  </title>
   6:  </head>
   7:  <body>
   8:  <form name=uploadfile">
   9:  Select the File
  10:  <input type="FILE" size="25">
  11:  </form>
  12:  </body>
  13:  </head>


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