HTML Nested Frameset

You may heard of nested loops,nested conditional statement,nested circle and shapes same like that frameset can be nested. The meaning of nested is frameset within frameset which is definitely a bit complex than simple frameset. Always make sure to properly start and end the frameset tags otherwise you never know how the browser will be going to display the frameset.

Let’s see how to create nested frameset in HTML.

   1:  <html>
   2:  <head>
   3:  <title>
   4:  Nested Frameset
   5:  </title>
   6:  </head>
   7:  <FRAMESET cols="40%,*">
   8:  <frameset rows="50%,50%">
   9:  <frame src="cellpadding.htm">
  10:  <frame src="caption.htm">
  11:  </frameset>
  12:  <frameset rows="50%,*">
  13:  <frame src="cellpadding.htm">
  14:  <frame src="caption.htm">
  15:  </frameset>
  17:  </frameset>
  18:  </html>

As you can see in the code, the first frameset creates two column frame of 40% and 60% and then divide the first column into two rows of 50% percent each and finally the second column of frameset is also divided into 50% rows. The output of the code is shown below:


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