Most Demanding AJAX and jQuery Scripts

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, it is a programming language used in Web Application to retrieve information from server asynchronously without disturbing the UI (User Interface). AJAX enhance the performance of Web Applications by reducing response time and avoiding Postback on every request made by the client application to the server.

In this post, I have complied the most searched AJAX scripts, you can say most popular free AJAX scripts. I hope the readers will like this collection and post provide feedback on this post.

1. jQuery Treeview Plugin

Lightweight and flexible transformation of an unordered list into an expandable and collapsible tree, great for unobtrusive navigation enhancements. Supports both location and cookie based persistence.

Current version: 1.4
Compressed filesize: 3390 bytes
License: MIT/GPL
Tested in: Firefox 2, IE 6 & 7, Opera 9, Safari 3


preview31 download31

2.AJAX Multiple File Upload Form Using jQuery

The simple and clean script which is provide a single interface to upload multiple files with ease. This script is essential for the Web Application in which users or administrator upload multiple file on server.


preview31 download31

3.Free AJAX Calendar (requires PHP & MySQL)

Normal calendar without AJax functionality needs page refreshing for date and month change which frustrate the users because its time taking activity. This Ajax calendar script will eliminate the postback cycle means no page refresh on date or month change. This script is checked on major browsers, its working fine and freely available for download.


preview31 download31

4.jQuery Glow Buttons

A simple and nice script to add effects to the buttons. jQuery glow button script is used to add glow effects when the user place mouse over the button. This script works on major browsers such as opera,Mozilla and other so there is no need of worry about browser compatibility.

Well I would like to thank to the developer for such a beautiful script,insist you to download free of cost. Find below the snapsbot of jQuery glow button.


preview31 download31

5.Ajax Dynamic List Script

Ajax dynamic list script display the list of related options when you typed any letter in the text box. In the demo you can see when user type “A”, countries starting with “A” show in drop down form in textbox user can make selection among the option displayed.

Showing clue for the option is common in most of the Web Sites to minimize user information entry task. This script is well-formed and easy to use.


preview31 download31

6.AJAX Tooltip

It is a simple AJAX tooltip whenever you mouse over on the link it will show the contents of external file in the box as shown in the snap below.


preview31 download31

7.Ajax Domain Search

If you wish to develop your own site, first step is looking for the domain name availability to purchase. There are number of sites offering domain name, sometimes domain names are available on discounts.

Ajax domain search script used to find out the availability of domain name by providing simple search textbox. Just type-in and get the results for (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us). Ajax domain search is available free of cost in zip file, just download and unzip no database is required.


preview31 download31

8.Ajax Image Tooltip

This Ajax Image script is wonderful script for image rollover or URL rollover tool tip.


preview31 download31

9-AJAX Star Rating Bar

Most of the Web Sites and blogs using rating bar to give user the opportunity to rate the post. This Ajax script is start bar rating script with PHP and Mysql give the opportunity to rate the stuff. The best thing about this script that it can work if JavaScript is disabled, you can set the highest rating five, eight or ten depends upon your choice.

The star rating bar script is not specific to any system such as WordPress or others. It can be use any system without any trouble so get it soon


preview31 download31

10- jAlbum Ajax Gallery Script

Make online photo gallery using this script or use it to make photo gallery and put it into the cd to share with friends and family members.


preview31 download31

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