cPanel: Logging into cPanel

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This tutorial will explain the steps of logging into cPanel. The person who needs to access the cPanel must have the credentials provided by Web hosting service on successful registration, payment and validation. Once the administrator has the information, he or she can easily logged to cPanel by following these steps.

1.Access the cPanel by entering any of the following on Web browser.


How to Enable XML-RPC in WordPress 3.5

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The XML-RPC was disabled by default due to security issues however, it could be enabled from WordPress settings – > Writing –> by enabling the XML – RPC checkbox. The setting are not the same in WordPress 3.5.


In this tutorials, I am going to teach you how to create Email Address/Email Id @ yourdomainname. The email addresses(s) could be created after setting up a Website/Blog on your Web Hosting. For this tutorial, we are assuming that website has been setup on Web Hosting. The Website Administrator wants to create Email Id for his employee.

Following are the steps to create Email Account for your Website using Cpanel.

1. Access your Cpanel by typing (Domain name should be primary)

2.Type Username and Password to log-in.

3.Look for the Mail section in Cpanel and click Email Accounts.

image thumb How to Create Email Account for Your Domain in cPanel


How to Register a Domain Name ?

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A domain name is a unique address on Internet required to go-online on Internet with your website or blog. There are several websites which offers free domain name to their registered users but the bad new is ownership of domain will stay with them.

However, you can have a domain name under your ownership by paying few dollars a year. A domain can be purchased through registrar Web Site only if the desired domain is available.


It has been annoying for me to receive continuous emails regarding comments notification. I have been looking for the solution to disable comments notification on email and finally I found a good and easy one which I am going to explain in this post.

1 – First you need to log into your WordPress dashboard by entering your username and password.

2 – Click on Settings, now you can see general setting but we are not going to make any changes in it.

ScreenShot007 thumb Enable and Disable WordPress Comment Email Notification



Delete WordPress Comments in Bulk

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In this post I will try my best to show and explain the steps to delete all the spam comments within a minutes. Although, you can delete the comments from WordPress admin but it’s a time killer job therefore, I am going to show the easy way out to remove thousands of comments in a short time span of few seconds however, if you are new user it might take two minutes.

1 – Login to you web hosting Cpanel by supplying username and password.

2 – Once you entered the CPanel, click on phpMyAdmin under database section.

ScreenShot003 thumb1 Delete WordPress Comments in Bulk 


I am writing this post at 3:11 am because today I have faced issues in configuring my blogs on Windows live writer which is the client end software used to publish the post remotely via XML-RPC. Since, I have installed fresh Windows XP on my laptop and then download and installed latest version of Windows live writer therefore, I was very much confident that no issues will be faced in configuring my blogs on Windows Liver writer.

Normally, Windows live writer automatically detect the blogs once the blog URL, username and password is provided but this time message was appeared on screen that “ Windows Live Writer was not able to automatically detect your blog settings” and prompted for blog provider and url for XML-RPC.

Windowsliverwriter thumb How to Fix: Windows Live Writer was not able to automatically detect your blog settings


How to Install WordPress Theme Using Wp-Admin

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WordPress uses default theme when it is installed for the first time on hosting or local system. In this post, we will show you step by step procedure to install new WordPress theme using the WP admin. The good news for you is that you can find many WordPress themes online and download it without paying single penny.

Step 1

Download WordPress theme on your computer.

Step 2

Go to WordPress admin by typing and provide your username and password.

image thumb How to Install Wordpress Theme Using Wp Admin


Best Premium WordPress Themes by Theme Junkie

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I have been searching for the decent and professional WordPress themes for my blogs. The common mistake which most of the bloggers commit is that they search for free WordPress Themes but they should remember one thing “There is no free lunch” means if you want something best you have to pay for it. The purpose of this post to list down the Themes Junkie WordPress themes which I have been using for my multiple blogs.

Video Plus

videoplus thumb Best Premium Wordpress Themes by Theme Junkie

preview31 Best Premium Wordpress Themes by Theme Junkie


HTML Form File Control

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The input type=”file” automatically insert control with the browse button. When the user click on the browse button it will automatically open the dialog box with the computer storage location, select the drive, folder and finally double click on the file which you want to upload on the server or sent to an email address.

The HTML code line add the file control on the HTML form.